Transpond Global


Transpond Global Solutions is an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology company that is developing an intelligent device that will reduce the cost and complexity of RFID deployments, providing a faster return-on-investment on these solutions. The TGS product is specifically targeted at supply-chain, inventory management, and asset tracking applications.

RFID technology enables the automation of key business processes by removing human intervention in the capture and processing of information and ensuring both greater accuracy and speed of operations. But in order to realize these benefits, customers will have to deploy a large number of read-nodes (antennas & readers) to ensure 100% coverage of target areas. Today’s existing RFID equipment makes this proliferation of devices expensive and cumbersome, both to install and integrate. Transpond Global Solutions intends to change that.

The goal of Transpond Global Solutions is to deliver on the potential of RFID technology by developing devices that have a low initial acquisition cost and which are easier to deploy and manage within existing IT environments. These products will also simplify the integration of RFID data with back-end software systems (ERP, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, etc.).





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